Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Juggling Fun

Always wonderful to have Lexie home. She livens things up significantly. I try, but the brothers take it better from her. Obvious tonight as we played a round of Skip-bo. Tayler was particularly grumpy, dishing out sarcasm and insults left and right. Well, mostly across (where I was sitting by Lexie). We managed to finish the game, mom victorious. Lots of laughs and during family prayer I asked that we might not be permanently scarred from the Skip-bo event. Hoping it works. So fun to enjoy all the teenagers together. We had a great night.

After the game the oranges came out for juggling. Lexie is quite good at it. No surprise there as she is the master of hand-eye coordination. Tayler joined in and is improving quickly. Jacob had homework to do and tried to concentrate on that with the chaos around him.

I love these kids!!

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