Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Thanks to many good things coming together we were able to add "Mildred" to the family. It was amazing to drive from Salt Lake City to Ely on less than 6 gallons of fuel. I sponged off friends who have done their homework on this vehicle and did quite a bit of my own. It's cost effective in many ways and was a blast to drive - partly due to its amazing sound system! Lexie and Tayler said the color is like an old lady, hence the name Mildred, but it's got lost of power and spunk so Mildred suits the car better than they first realized! They each had a turn "killing it" while driving the new addition. They will get the hang of it and as always, I'm happy to share.

The van, Utah sticker and all, will be making its home at BYU with Lexie. She'll need it to travel to her new job at Airtime Gymnastics is Springville. Surprisingly, I was complimented on the "U" sticker this summer while in Provo. Hopefully it won't make her a "moving target".

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