Monday, June 18, 2012

Great Basin Astronomy Festival

The Great Basing Astronomy Festival was wonderful. I chose to go on Friday evening for a couple reasons. First, the keynote speaker, Dr. Paul Bogart would be speaking about the disappearing dark and second, in Baker there was an ice-cream social! The ice-cream was amazing (as was a scrumptious Philly-steak sandwich) and the speaker and star gazing were quite uplifting. Several amateur astronomers from the Salt Lake Astrological Society were there with some VERY LARGE telescopes. I saw glorious Saturn with her rings and moons, globular clusters, ring nebula, and with my binoculars a cheery coat-hanger constellation just off the beak of Cygnus the Swan. What a treat to live in the darkness where these celestial bodies can be seen! On my calendar for next year - for sure!!

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