Saturday, November 5, 2011

Regional Playoffs

It was a cold and snowy night as the WPHS Bobcats took on the Lincoln Lynx in a regional playoff game in Ely. White Pine was victorious with a 47-0 shut out or should I say, "White Wash"?! Tayler played offensive line during most of the first half until his sore foot got stepped on...ugh! He can't seem to get a break this year. He's fine now, but didn't play during the second half. It was an exciting night. Nothing like a winning team to bring out community and school spirit. The stadium was packed despite the weather. We had yummy hot chocolate to keep warm as well as sleeping bags to sit in. That works great, by the way. We play again next weekend and will hopefully play for the state championship in two weeks. Lexie has been home this weekend to enjoy the festivities. Always nice to have her around. A great weekend.

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